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Lyrus Audio is a brand of Ssheng Audio Technology co.,ltd

Ssheng Audio Technology co.,ltd is an international company with bases of operation in  California and Dongguan.  With over two decades of collective high end audio design, marketing,  and technical experience, our principals have come together to develop a new company from ground up dedicated to innovation, to advancing the art of headphone design, and to applying new understandings to an area that has been dominated more by dark art than science.  Our mission from the beginning was to develop products that can recreate a musical event with more of a sense of being there—more of an out of body experience--than ever before possible in listening to recorded music.

While the proof is always in the pudding, and confirmed by the listening experience, it is not a dark art. 

Radical Departures

Ssheng Audio Technology co.,ltd  has brought years of research into materials, processes, electromechanical design, and the biology of human ear to fruition in three unique new headphone designs. The Model Nine, Model Six, and Model Four represent not only radical departures from anything that has preceded them, but they reflect more innovation, more outside the box thinking, and more proprietary technology than we often see over a period of years in a given audio field.

Proprietary Thin Film Planar Diaphragm Design

A new, unique, and proprietary thin film membrane is employed in all three models to reduce moving mass to startlingly low levels of near nothingness.  Transient response is instantaneous.  Nuance and inner detail are resolved with breathtaking realism.  Rim shots, the snap of a finger, the palpable tympanic sound of a hand pounding a drumhead, the snap and buzz of a plucked acoustic guitar string—these are reproduced with astonishing realism.  Given their ultra-thin low moving mass design, Lyrus Audio has been able to increase their size.  Breaking through the 50mm limit which has defined the industry’s limit, the Lyrus Audio Model Four utilizes a 80mm diaphragm, the Model Six an 90mm, and the Model Nine a new industry best 105mm  diaphragm—nearly twice the force over field dimension we have seen from the industry’s bestImmediately--a new reference.

Gold, Silver, and Copper Traces

The relative conductivity of metals is expressed in IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard) numbers.  While this rating doesn’t tell the whole sonic story, it demonstrates that the three best conductors on planet earth are Silver, Copper, and Gold.  Aluminum, Nickel, Brass, and Tin lag far behind; and their alloys are equally compromised. Unfortunately, the three best conductors are not used as traces on planar diaphragms because, first, they are expensive. Check the commodity prices and trends for each.  Second, aluminum is lighter.  But with Lyrus Audio’s near nothing moving mass, we have the capability and have opted to use these conductors exclusively as our trace conductors.  You will find Gold as the conductor on our Model Nine’s diaphragm, Silver on our Model Six, and Copper on the Model Four.  All represent industry firsts.  Each has its following, its own proponents.  Gold often described as vacuum tube-like, Silver a little more solid-state, and copper perhaps a little more neutral.

Proprietary Magnetic Charging

Rather than simply procuring Neodymium magnets by size and shape, Ssheng Audio Technology co.,ltd, after months of questioning and experimentation, have developed a new ‘process’ for charging the magnetic material.  This new process, which is patent pending, delivers a significant increase in magnetic flux for a given weight and size.  These new super charged Neodymium magnets are employed throughout the line, and increase the mechanical driving force of the planar diaphragm in all three models by an order of magnitude.

Ducted Port Bass Loading

Thiel / Small parameters and the proven science behind pro and home loudspeaker design, while either not applied or perhaps not understood by headphone designers in general, are key elements in the design of the Lyrus Audio Models Nine, Six, and Four. Employing a unique approach to bass loading in headphone design, our DPT™ (Ducted Port Tuning) technology extends and enhances LF reproduction to cellar dwelling, floor vibrating frequencies, all the while delivering bass with impact and dimension--tympanic, palpable bass that needs to be heard to be believed.  In addition, DPT™, along with our purely resistive load, contribute to higher efficiency and therefore to compatibility with a wider range of amplifier types and choices.

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