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Wireless and Mobile interconnection Technology of Lyrus Audio


Development Background

Lyrus Audio was founded since 1996,which is one of the leadings in the audio technology in China. After continuous technology research and exploration , Lyrus Audio has become a prospective supplier of wireless technology solution. Not only widely used in our own audio products development, but also we have the ability to provide various of solutions for most of the wireless equipment as well as end users , including transmission of close range wireless music , video , data, streaming media control , smart internet connection and technology application based on the frame of Android/Linux/Arm. At present, wireless technology has become one of the important directions of Lyrus Audio development, gradually combined with company’s traditional audio ,amplifier ,adaptor technology, and constantly meet the demands of wireless audio & video technology’s integration and value-added application in future mobile interconnection and under the background of digital home.

Core Competence

1 .With international talents, tracking the most updated international statues

2 .Directly working with the original chip factory, custom -made and develop chips.

3. Strong local developing strength and service ability



R&D experiences and capability

RF ability: Rf module development
RF simulation
RF index testing
Onboard antenna design
Antenna simulation and testing

Software capability

  • Application development based on MCU of 8/16/32 unit
  • Development based on ground layer of Linux and Android system and application layer
  • Develop and wirte Apps based on Android and iOS platform
  • TCP/IP internet protocol
  • RTP/RTCP/RSVP Streaming media transmission control protocol
  • DLNA digital household interconnection protocol


  • The Capability of design multi-layer high speed PCB
  • The Capability of simulation multi-layer high speed PCB
  • The Capability of design complicated and mix signal PCB
  • The Capability of simulation complicated and mix signal PCB
  • The Capability of application design large scale integrated PCB,such as:




Mul-ti stack-based

The main featured solutions of currently:


  • Bluetooth Classic (SBC)
  • Lossless Musical Bluetooth solution based on APT-X
  • Lossless Musical Bluetooth solution based on Apple AAC format
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Point to multi points Bluetooth interconnection solution
  • Piconet, 1with 7
  • Scattenet,multi-points to multi-points
  • The Bluetooth application based on Android and Apps.


  • 802.11 b/g/n solution
  • Apple Airplay Solution iFree solution based on Lyrus audio DLNA
  • The interconnection transmission based on Android Audio
  • Audio/high resolution Video transmission (HDMI)
  • The Mirroring functions of audio & video and solution
  • Wi-fi Solutions based on USB jack
  • Wi-fi Solutions based on Mini PCIE
  • Wireless Router Solutions based on 3G network


  • Point to point wireless transmission and receive
  • Point to point broadcast
  • Mini Nano deploy, point to points

5.1 multi-channel wireless transmission


Other short distance wireless technology and solutions



Wireless Charger

Voice recognition and artificial intelligence

Voice recognition

Voice Control

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