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Our basic technology


Reality:  We are playing catch up. Our technology is not unique.

We need to be ahead of the trends and utilize technologies in unique ways that solve problems of the consumer.

How will we do this?:

•Trend research
•Strategically align with key technology partners
•Focus groups and field testing to really understand our consumers needs.
•Product categories by use case (i.e. personal audio, active/outdoor, home)


Wireless – Bluetooth

There is no doubt wireless is here to stay.  Bluetooth has matured and has for the most part broken past the stigma of poor quality, reliability, range and difficult pairing.  It has not been replaced (yet) and will continue to be relevant in the audio space with its biggest growth in wearables and BLE sensor based gadgets.

Features we are looking to implement:

•Party mode – Allows multiple devices to pair to single speaker
•True Wireless Stereo – Allows 2 mono portable speakers to be synchronized in stereo or daisy chain mode. 

Wireless – Wi-Fi Direct

Claimed to be the replacement for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi direct allows higher bandwidth audio transfer from source. Wi-Fi direct enables secure adhoc P2P networks to be established between devices without an internet connection or a home network.  


•High Fidelity – Audio streaming from source
•Streaming Services – Allows broadcast streaming services over cellular data networks
•Multi source and multi speaker capable


•Not mature – supported but not fully implemented.
•Power Consumption – requires more power than Bluetooth

Wireless – NFC

Now that the iPhone 6 supports NFC you will see a much wider adoption of the technology.  

•Pairing – Simplifies set up of BT and WiFi communications
•Tagging – Allows unpowered chip to exchange information


Wireless – Wi-Fi with AllPlay™

The One Foundation becomes the hub of your home audio ecosystem.

•Zones – Up to 10 different audio zones at one time.
•Multisource – Allows multiple devices to control the playback in each zone
•Open smart media platform – works seamlessly between wireless speakers and devices regardless of product brand.
•Direct Streaming – supports direct streaming of most major services.
•App controlled  – iOS and Android app ready to skin that controls the entire household



•5mm Drivers – small form factor drivers with increased base response allows for smaller form factors and dual driver applications.

•Dual Drivers – Dedicated drivers for separate frequency band for higher fidelity audio.
•Apple MFi Lightening Cable – Allows high fidelity 24-bit audio with onboard DAC and amplifier. 
•Can draw power from the iOS device
•Future innovations such as DSP and ANC



•Improved clamping pressure – currently clamping pressure of most our headphones are too high.

•Target 250-350 gf for On-Ear
•Target 350-450 gf for Over-Ear
•Improve cushion construction – optimize material and construction for best comfort and performance vs. cost
•Improve weight and balance – optimize material and construction for weight.
•Improve fit of in-ear – port geometry is too large for small ears.  Reducing size allows gel to do its job without pressure points.
•Standardize ear gel – improve consistency of fit.


Reality:  We don’t own wood, bamboo, metal, or recycled.

We must master responsible resources so that the consumer thinks MARLEY when exposed to them.

How will we do this?:

•Research and sample new materials
•Unique and creative applications
•Perfect processes
•Be authentic in our story.
•Ongoing process – never stop!


Forest Stewardship Council™ 

Responsible sourced wood through entire chain of custody.

Marley is a global licensee. Guidelines need to be followed.


•Ash, Black Cherry, Khaya


•CNC milling from solid stock
•Formed veneer & laminates
•Fibers in composites
•Paper products


Unique blend of raw and recycled materials woven into a durable high quality fabric.


•Reclaimed organic cotton 30%
•Reclaimed hemp (short fiber) 30%
•Recycled PET 40%
•Recycled Nylon and other synthetic fibers
•Other natural fibers (flax, ramie, etc)
•New bio based synthetic fibers (DuPont™ Sonora®)


•Wraps on housings (audio, headphones, cases)
•Stash bags
•Promotional soft goods


Malleable.  Fusible.  Ductile.  Shiny.  Lustrous.


•Aluminum Alloys – highly recyclable
•Copper Alloys
•Steel Alloys – Stainless
•Other alloys and precious metals


•CNC milled housings
•Formed headbands and ear cups
•Buckles, sliders, bag hardware.
•Watch casings
•Other embellishments

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