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SshengAudio Planar Headphone
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Planar Magnetic Headphone

A cutting edge planar magnetic design, the Model SHD-300 is a no-compromise, innovative, and arguably groundbreaking product. Taking the stage as our top-of-the-line headphone,  it combines proprietary patent pending technology with innovation and build quality to reproduce music so convincingly real that it can only be described as an out-of-body experience.

Proprietary Diaphragm Technology

Model SHD-300 utilizes an ultra-thin film membrane and gold conductor traces on a large surface area 102mm diaphragm. This pushes the envelope in several respects in a market where the largest diaphragm sizes have been 50mm and conductive traces either aluminum or a copper alloy.  We then use SCN™ (Super Charged Neodymium) magnets, smaller in size and weight, but charged by using a proprietary patent pending process to deliver significantly more flux per weight than conventional off-the-shelf neodymium magnets.  They are configured in a balanced, symmetrical push pull arrangement—unlike many planar magnetics which use heavier neodymium magnets in an asymmetrical arrangement (one side of the diaphragm only) to decrease weight.  High frequency response is extended and clean, and transient response is lightning quick, providing an immediacy and a sense of actually being there that you simply have to hear to believe. 


Open circumaural 

Transducer type

Planar magnetic

Magnetic structure

Proprietary self-closing design

Magnet type

High-grade Neodymium

Diaphragm area

81.67sq cm (12.65sq in)Φ102mm           

Maximum power

13W (for 200 ms)

Optimal power



> 130dB with 15W

Frequency response

1Hz - 76kHz extension to 90kHz




50 ohms


93dB / 1mW



Cable length


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